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Quality Assurance & SmartCard Module for Datacard MX

Inside Quality Assurance Module

Complete Module w/Hood Example

Inside SmartCard Barrel Module

In-stock & Available


Quality Assurance Module

The Quality Assurance Module's job is to validate optical elements on the card. The camera captures a precise digital image of the card. The image is then checked against the controller software to verify quality and location of features and text.

SmartCard Barrel Module

The MX Barrel Module's job is to program a computer chip embedded in the card. The module can be equipped with up to twenty-four encoding heads (18 and 6 also available). This module allows for the installation of contact encoding heads, contactless encoding heads, or dual encoding heads. Smartware, Micropross, and Datacard are all brands of smart card couplers this module is designed to accommodate.


Current throughput of this module is up to 1500 cph