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Matica MS7000 & DS-100 Card Mailing System-NEW
The Matica MS7000 Card Mailing Systems offers affordable solutions for direct card mailing and fulfillment applications.  Can be used as a stand alone unit or integrated with the Matica S7000 system. This is designed for production volume use (several thousand cards per run). Also included is the DS-100 folder/inserter so that the completed package has the card, letter and inserts in the envelope ready for mailing.
MS7000 Specs
Height: 150 cm
Length: 170 cm
Width: 204 cm
Weight: 205 kg
Electrical: 100v-240v  50/60 Hz

MS7000 Features

Speed: Up To 2,200 fph

Module Options to Configure Your System:
Maticard Pro Software