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LOWER CARD TRACK ASSEMBLY for Datacard 9000/7000/500

One of the most neglected parts on the Datacard 9000/7000/500 series card personalization systems is the Input Hopper Lower Card Track (P/N 593117-001). It is a tedious and time consuming project to change the part which causes many good Technician or Customer Engineers to do everything imaginable to keep their equipment running and avoid changing it out.

PES now has a solution to make this project much easier and less time consuming. You'll feel more fulfillment knowing the job is done right. Let us introduce you to our most recent addition to the 9000 End of Life parts program :

P/N 593117-001ASSY, FRU, Lower Card Track Assembly — $576.75

Now there is no need to completely disassemble and rebuild the track. All you need to do is shut down your system, remove a few covers, disconnect
the motors, and sensors, and remove a few screws to remove the complete assembly.

nce removed you simply reverse the process and you should be up and running within 30 to 40 minutes.

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