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Datacard UltraPac Inserter
The Datacard UltraPac Inserter is designed for production volume use for inserting a laser printed carrier with attached card(s) into an envelope.  Additional inserts may be inserted into the envelope and then finally sealed and ready for postage.  By combining the Datacard 9000/7000, the Datacard UltraForm and the Datacard UltraPac into one full system this allows a one pass process that helps prevent errors such as sending the wrong card/inserts to your customer.
UltraPac Specs
Height: 48"
Length: 78"
Width: 49.5"
Weight: 950 lbs.
Electrical: 240v  50/60 Hz

UltraPac Features

Speed: Up To 1,200 per hour

Module Options to Configure Your System:
UltraPac Inserting System - 2 to 6 Stations