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Datacard MX6100/6000 Personalization System
The Datacard MX6100/6000 Series Systems are designed for production volume use (several thousand cards per run) where data is input through a built-in PC computer controller. The MX6100/6000 Series input hopper allows for cards to be automatically fed into the embosser. Color tipping of the embossed characters, encoding of the magnetic stripe and thermal printing of text, barcodes and logos are available on the Datacard MX6100/6000 Series Systems. These would be automatically done during the card's movement through the system so that a complete card would be produced during one cycle of the system. Also available are Smartcard modules, photo ID modules, inserters, stuffers, labelers and many other features.
MX6100/6000 Specs
w/o Modules
Height: 49"
Depth: 34"
Width: 40"
Weight: 405 lbs.
Electrical: 240v  50/60 Hz
MX6100/6000 Features
Maximum Number of Modules: 20
Print Options: Text, Barcodes, Logos, Photos & Laser
Module Options to Configure Your System:
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Magnetic Stripe Encoding Module HiCo/LoCo 3 Track
Card Cleaning Module
Front UltraGraphics Module - 300dpi
Rear UltraGraphics Module - 300dpi
Front Color Module - 300dpi
Rear Color Module - 300dpi
VHD Color Module
Overlay Module
CardGuard Module
SmartCard Barrel Module - Up To 11 Stations
SmartCard Contactless Module
Laser Graphics Module
Emboss Module

Topping Module
Label Module
Front or Rear Indent Module
Verification Module
Dual Input Hopper Module
Card Buffer Module
MXD Card Attaching System
MXI Inserting System - 2 to 6 Stations