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Datacard "End of Life" Explanation

In 2007 Datacard Corporation announced the "End of Life" for the Datacard 9000, 7000, 500, UltraForm and UltraPac Systems which are now considered Legacy Systems. This will impact Self-Maintainers of these systems first. Effective November 1, 2012 Datacard will no longer guarantee replacement parts availability especially those parts that they deem to be "critical spares". Secondly, companies that have Datacard contracts will no longer be guaranteed replacement parts after November 1, 2014. At this point you will be on your own with very minimal help from Datacard.

Help has arrived! Pittsburgh Embossing Services, Inc. (PES) has been working very hard developing a large supply of new and used parts to provide these parts and services to you now and 5 - 10 years beyond the "End of Life" for the Datacard 9000/7000 systems. New items are being developed almost daily that will enable you to continue using your trusted and valuable 9000/7000 systems for many years to come. PES is the leader in complete aftermarket systems, modules, parts and supplies for these Datacard systems.